"Really liked your book 'nuggets of wisdom'. So different from what we get to see on the subject. Shows a great combination of insight and experience!"

-- Gaurav Jain , on "Nuggets of Wisdom"

(author of the book 'Real estate investment and financial analysis: the four essentials of building wealth with realty'

"Hi have completed reading your book. Its truly brilliant. 

Have read articles on similar subject, but none were as clear as yours. Trust your book will soon be on the best seller list. Look forward to reading your next book soon. Best wishes."

-- Harini , on 'Nuggets of Wisdom"

   (Centrum Wealth Advisers)

Read your book. First thing, congratulations on putting together a concentrated work on real estate which one doesn't find it available in a normal course. 


The sub parts are carefully chosen nuggets of knowledge, experience and information.


The intent of explaining the concepts in a simple and precise manner is evident. The anecdotes helps in giving a personal touch of experience in putting a point across.


-- Manoj Garg, On "Nuggets of Wisdom"

   (Investor and Infrastructure Expert)




"Good lot of research has gone into it apart from views from experts and people in construction and real estate. The presentation has an easy flow and creates an interest in people to read further. In a way like story telling. So a person need not be an expert in economics or financial wizard to understand the basics before one venture out to buy a home to live. For a family it is a great moment and a big investment involving their savings and big loan component resulting in EMI. It is advisable for everyone to know beforehand and " The Real Deal " provides the inputs."

--,A. Krishnamurthy, Former Chairman cum Managing Director, Kudremukh Iron Ore Company Limited ( KIOCL ),Bangalore.

"It is a scholarly work, obviously preceded by much research and study.

Mr  Venkat's erudition on the subject is amazing. I must confess I did’nt comprehend the technical issues involving mathematical equations etc.,

The book is bound to be extremely useful for investors in real estate.

No doubt it will be useful for middle class people also who buy houses/flats for their own use. Most of these people will buy the residences only once in their lifetime."

-- S.Govindarajan, on "The Real Deal" 

    MD(Retd) ,State Bank of India

"Very well  written and revealing . What was always a challenge for me has been simplified . The easy and smooth narrative adds to the interest and will prove to be a boon to hundreds of people who hesitate to take the first step in view of lack of knowledge and transparency . It would also be of great use to Defence personnel and Government officers who tend to fall  victims of Real Estate fraud . I congratulate the author for rendering this social service."

--- Ranjit Narayan ,on "The Real Deal"

    IPS (retd.) DGP and Special Police Commissioner, Union Territories Cadre.

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