About the Books



‘The Real Deal’ and 'Nuggets of Wisdom' as the titles suggest are books that enlighten the reader and enriches the user’s knowledge and approach to the subject of investing in real estate. After reading the books the reader would be armed with the insight and knowledge of a seasoned professional who has dealt in investing in real estate for decades. These are books that helps the reader understand the “real deal” that one gets when he purchases or sells property. These books on investing/dealing in real estate are a must read for anyone considering the sale or purchase of property. Once the books are read, the reader’s knowledge, understanding and approach to real estate would undergo a quantum change. On reading the books, one would develop a deep intuitive sense of real estate, and approach the subject like a seasoned professional.

The book makes easy reading and will be defining for the readers. The book explains a number of concepts in the form of easy to understand analogies and has nuggets of wisdom laid out in the form of anecdotes and mini stories. In all, these are interesting, absorbing and engrossing books. A reader who spends a few hundreds on these books and a few hours reading them will probably end up saving and making millions. These are a MUST read for anyone investing in real estate.

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