How do you build wealth using real estate? How do you assess the real worth of your property? Why are real estate prices so high? Are the high prices justified? Is it better to ‘buy or rent’? What are the things to be aware of before you purchase real estate? What are the different approaches to valuation? The answers to all of these and more would be found in this book.


A never before insight and approach to real estate investment in India, ‘The Real Deal’, is a book that enlightens the reader, enriches his/her knowledge and helps him/her view it from a totally different, sensible, logical and practical approach.


This book helps one understand “The Real Deal” with the insight and knowledge of a seasoned professional who has dealt in real estate for decades. Be prepared, your approach to real estate would undergo a quantum change on reading this book! One would also get answers to questions such as: When is it a bubble? Will a real estate crash happen, and when?  What are the lessons that can be learnt from booms & busts in other economies? What is the due diligence you need to perform on a property before purchase? Is valuation of real estate an ‘art’ or is it a ‘science’? What are some of the peculiarities of valuation?


This easy to read book will be defining for readers, it explains a number of concepts in the form of easy to understand analogies, anecdotes and mini stories. On reading this book the reader would develop a fine intuitive sense of real estate. A reader who spends a few hundreds on this book and a few hours reading it will probably end up saving and making millions. It is a MUST read for anyone investing/dealing in real estate.

This book is filled with ‘nuggets of wisdom’ in relation to real estate investment. From the ‘Power of the EMI’ and the ‘Power of Compounding’ which describe how wealth can be built using real estate to the ‘Rule of 72’ which describes a shortcut to evaluate your investments. This section is filled with short essays meant to sharpen your intuition and make you a savvy investor.

Articles such as ‘Economy’s Impact on Real Estate’, ‘Inflation the monster in ‘Temple run’' and ‘Why bad infrastructure is the cause for high property prices’ help us to understand the effect of the economy on real estate prices.

This section also contains articles that enhance the reader’s understanding of real estate. Articles such as ‘When is it a Bubble?’, ‘Why does real estate behave like a Luxury Good?’, ‘Factors to Guard against while dealing in Real Estate’ and the ‘Risk of Oversupply at High Property prices’ helps the reader to avoid the pitfalls while purchasing real estate.

There are also articles such as ‘Questions to Ask and Answers to Know to establish the Purchase Price’, ‘Why Rental Yields alone are not a good measure’ and ‘Real Estate as a Retirement Nest Egg’ that point the user in the right direction while investing in real estate.

​The last two articles describe what the government and the society as a whole can do to make real estate more affordable and at the same time lay world class infrastructure.

 The first article deals with how the economy needs to be structured and the second article talks about how world class infrastructure and raising finances for the same can go hand in hand.  All this can be done in a fashion to propel the economy and keep housing affordable for all.

BUDDHA on WALL-STREET is where western philosophies of maximizing wealth meet the eastern philosophies of moderation and maximizing happiness. This is where the United States of America meets Bhutan.

While BUDDHA on WALL-STREET is primarily a book on investments it seeks to redefine happiness from the perspective of ancient wisdom drawing on the source of true happiness.  It is materialism with contentment.

In the material world there is a single pointed focus towards attaining wealth which defeats the purpose it intends to serve, ending in misery rather than happiness. The book deals with the mechanics of how to maximize one's Happiness Quotient (HQ).

Can Money Buy Happiness?  How to Maximize your HQ (Happiness Quotient)? What is the Path to ‘Financial MOKSHA’? How to use your finances to Maximize your Potential? Why is Money like ‘Oxygen’?

BUDDHA on WALL-STREET not only equips the reader with knowledge and wisdom to effectively maximize returns and manage one’s investments but also lays out the balanced approach that one could follow to maximize one’s HQ (Happiness Quotient).

The Book is a practical guide on how one should balance out one’s primal desires for infinite wealth with one’s HQ (Happiness Quotient). It is about securing our future with the right investments and managing our lives with the right attitude.

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